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Navigating Love, Parenting Challenges, and Work-Life Balance

In this episode of Late Night Love, we dive into the complexities of relationships, parenting, and work-life balance. From navigating trust issues in marriage to dealing with unexpected requests from partners, we explore real-life dilemmas and offer heartfelt advice. We also discuss the challenges of parenting in today’s world, including supporting a child who has come out as trans and handling the emotional rollercoaster of missing your kids. On the work front, we tackle questions about workplace dynamics, job satisfaction, and finding the right balance between career aspirations and financial stability. Join us for an engaging and insightful conversation that touches on the many facets of love and life.


  • Am I in the wrong (M18) for telling my girlfriend (F18) to limit touching other men?
  • My (31f) birthday tomorrow my (37m) husband has ripped up all my cards. Should I divorce him?
  • Boyfriend ‘M/33’ is asking me ‘F/32’ to play housewife and also pay half the rent??
  • My gf 20F wants to break up with me 25M because I don't have a car. What should I do?
  • My fiancé(23M) of 3 years asked if I(25F) can be in a polyamorous relationship with his newly found love interest and I rejected because I was monogamous so we broke up. Was I in the wrong for not trying it out?
  • ‘25F’ ‘26M’ watching ex girlfriends videos. Are my feelings valid?
  • I 50M am struggling in my marriage with my 34F wife. My wife feels like I am untrustworthy and I feel like I am constantly under a microscope where she is looking for something to prove her lack of trust is justified. How can I build trust and escape this hell?


  • My kid (18) came out as trans
  • Why are girls' clothes LIKE THAT???
  • Is it normal to miss your kids this much? I drop my little one off at daycare, and I’m already counting down the minutes until I can pick them up
  • Do you ever have days where your love feels almost overwhelming?
  • Wife setting up the kids for failure - how to fix this?
  • Last night my 13yo cried about her weight
  • I found out that my 13 year old daughter skip her classes.


  • can manager ask me why i need a day off?
  • Co-worker Thanks Everyone By Name, Except ME
  • I found out that my coworker makes far less than I do. How do I balance expectations given the difference?
  • How to I stop being nonchalant
  • Which Work Related Attribute is Most Valuable?
  • job interview not heard back after a week
  • At crossroads: my dream job doesn't bring me money


  • What does it mean if I get turned on by looking at my own hard penis?
  • Masturbate at work?
  • Cunnilingus centric relationship?
  • I can only get an erection for my partner
  • Is it safe to go from eating ass to pussy?
  • My wife loves to masturbate a certain way

LNL 325

Navigating Love, Family, and Career: A Candid Discussion

Join us on this episode of Late Night Love as we delve into the complex world of relationships, parenting, and workplace dynamics. We’re unpacking everything from the curious case of couples’ bathroom rendezvous to the fairness of conditional prenups. We’ll explore the challenges of intimacy during pregnancy, the dilemma of a windfall win, and the subtleties of trust in a marriage. In the realm of parenting, we discuss the power struggles over a child’s appearance, the trials of tantrums, and the delicate balance of being a step-parent. And for those navigating their careers, we’ll tackle finding your passion, dealing with idle time at work, and the etiquette of office social events. Tune in for an honest conversation that aims to provide insights and advice for those tough moments in life and love.

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I (20m) was recently at a birthday party, and every couple (All between 18f-22m) there went to the bathroom together at least once. wtf were they doing?
Wife (31F) wants me (31M) to sign a 75/25 conditional prenup if I cheat on her or leave due to lack of sex. Is this fair?
I (27m) found out one of the big reasons I married my wife (27f) was a lie. Should I bring it up?
My 32M wife 30F, we can't agree on how to spend our windwfall win?
How to compromise on intimacy during pregnancy? 26F, 28M
My spouse (42F) quickly hid phone when I (43M) sat beside her and then prioritized work over anniversary. What do you make of this?
My (28F) husband (27M) saved me and I have no way to thank him. What do I do?


Grandparents want us to cut my daughter’s hair before they watch her for a week
6 year old has tantrum over bday gifts
How to explain to my husband that holding our baby isn’t spoiling him.
Constantly fighting with my 6 year old daughter...I don't know what to do anymore
Kids are grown up and moving out. I want a do over
I'm jealous that my husband gets to be the fun parent
Stepdaughter wishes I was her real mom


How do you know when you've found THE job, your career?
Where are all the flipping pens??
Work Concerns: Not busy / do they even need me??
Can I request to work on less projects with a manager I don't get along with?
How did you detach your self worth from your work/job?
Coworker keeps unplugging my monitor
Would it be okay to decline our next big work social event? (Christmas party).


No sex before showering
Why does my gf like me cumming early?
My Fiancé is pressuring me to do something I don't want to do
Do the compatability of sex drives matter?
What are sexy ways to ask for head?
Why does the thought of sex turn me on more than the act of it?

Heartfelt Havens: Sheltering from Life’s Storms

In this episode of “Late Night Love,” we offer a sanctuary of support and guidance for those weathering the storms of life. We open with a story of compassion and legal conundrums as we discuss the implications of providing a home for a friend in need. Then, we navigate the tricky terrains of family dynamics, from tactfully addressing sensitive issues with siblings to healing the burns of betrayal in marriage. We also shine a light on the struggles of parenting, from affirming a child’s identity to the exhaustion that comes with care. In the workplace, we dissect dilemmas from unfair management to maintaining professional decorum online. Join us for an episode that embraces the complexities of love, family, and work with empathy and wisdom.

I have a friend who is 17 and turns 18 in 4 months. He just got kicked out by his pretty abusive parents. Me and my parents would love to take him in, but how much legal trouble could we get in?


  • How do I (31F) ask my overweight sister (30F)to not sit in my chair?
  • My triplet nieces (9F) came to me (31F) to treat their sunburn. Do I wait for this to happen again before confronting their parents?
  • My wife '27F' of 4 years cheated on me '30M' tonight after my birthday two days ago should I divorce her or talk to her?
  • My husband(30M) refuses to help me (29F) fix our dishwasher, any advice?
  • Husband (33M) thinks my (34F) need for verbal affirmation is 'self-serving and greedy'. Feeling extremely invalidated. Is this a hill to die on?
  • What kind of romantic thing can a girlfriend(f23) do for boyfriend(m26)?
  • I 33F bought tickets for my partner 34M without asking him and he got upset. How can I have handled this better?


  • Everyone misgenders my youngest son
  • why does holding a baby make me so tired??
  • Do your older kids know your salaries?
  • How to tell my kids we’re no longer getting a divorce?
  • How do single parents do it?
  • What teenager age would you be okay with your kids flying without a parent?
  • How do you stop yourself from trying to protect your kid from everything?


  • My manager forgot she approved my time off and is now trying to write me up as a no call no show
  • How can I deal with a worker who doesn’t get any sleep at night?
  • How to Handle a Suddenly Cold Colleague?
  • Should I post about my negative experience with the job I am leaving on LinkedIn?
  • Performance Review: Should you do a self assessment if given the option?
  • How to maintain motivation while looking for a new job
  • What’s an easy job that one can get quickly.


  • My boyfriend was silent the first time I gave him a blowjob ):
  • My boyfriend asking for a boob job…I’m a B cup( I’m 18f for reference)
  • I (24F) don’t want to have sex with my boyfriend (25M) anymore. Any advice?
  • my boyfriend doesnt touch me at all after sex
  • Husband asked me to get naked before his friends. I loved it. What's next for me?
  • What’s the mindset of a guy(M24)that always brings up giving oral but barely does any foreplay or make me(F20)cum?

LNL 323

Late Night Love: Navigating Life’s Twists - From Love’s Complexities to Parenting Woes

In this heartfelt episode of Late Night Love, we delve into the intricate tapestry of relationships, parenting, and workplace dynamics. Our listeners bring forth their most personal dilemmas, seeking guidance on issues that tug at the heartstrings. From the pain of preserving memories of a lost child to the confusion of a partner revealing their asexuality post-marriage, we explore the avenues of communication and understanding. We also tackle the challenges new parents face, like maintaining friendships and decoding their toddler’s behavior. And for those feeling the strain of office life, we discuss navigating professional relationships and career growth. Join us as we offer empathy, advice, and a listening ear to those navigating the complex journey of life.



My 39M wife 34F doesn’t want to dismantle the shrine to our dead son. How can I convince her it’s for the best?
My (35M) SO (37F) is a Reddit troll and I absolutely dumbfounded on what to do?
My (31/F) husband (33/M) named our daughter after his high school sweetheart. How can I cope with this in a way that does not ruin our marriage?
My (31M) girlfriend (29F) overspends, but blames it on the "Woman tax". Is this real?
My (34F) partner (31NB) told me they’re asexual a couple of weeks after we got married and I’m feeling frustrated and trapped and I don’t know what to do. What are my options?
Boyfriend 31M won't visit me 25F after my car accident because his dog, What should I do?
What should I (25F) say to my ex's mom (60F) who has asked to meet in person so I can explain why I broke up with her son (25M)?


How to keep my friends as a new mom?
Baby Dazed After Daycare
My son has left and joined the army and I miss him SO so much. How do I get through this?
13 year old daughter is sneaking her boyfriend in.
2 year old won’t stop taking seatbelt off
3 year old seeing a ghost
How long has your diaper bag last? How many have you went through?


Cure for Return to Office Insanity?
Is it fair to ask for time and a half pay?
Are working 2 jobs worth it?
Is it worth asking a coworker you think doesn’t like you why they don’t like you?
How do I ask for a transfer without badmouthing my manager?
Do you work here?
How to ask for a different position at the same company? (global, full remote company)


What does my wife mean when she told me to be a man in the bedroom?
What are some non-sexual things I can do in public to turn on my husband?
bf only enjoys sex if i dont want it??
How can I (M) be dominant while being the one on bottom?
Who here has fallen asleep during sex?
is it wrong to ask my gf to moan more during sex?

Tough Decisions, Relationship Dilemmas, and Parenting Challenges

In this episode of “Late Night Love,” we delve into the complexities of life, relationships, parenting, and work. We discuss the heart-wrenching decision of telling a foster child about adoption, the ethics of kicking an 18-year-old out of the house, and the challenges of being single at 47. We also tackle relationship dilemmas, such as dealing with a controlling boyfriend, financial struggles with a spouse, and overcoming hurtful comments. Parenting topics include handling picky eaters, integrating workouts with children, and understanding postpartum depression. Finally, we explore work-related issues like guilt over taking sick days, dealing with untrainable employees, and coping with burnout. Join us for an insightful and empathetic discussion on these pressing topics.


How do I tell my 9-year-old foster son that we will be adopting his younger half-sister, but not him (he'll be removed to a group home)?
My fiancé says it isn’t cruel to kick one’s child out of the house on their eighteenth birthday, for no other reason than, “They are now an adult, and they have to be reliant on themselves.” Is this true?
My daughter kicked her 18-year-old out of the house, now she is living with me and my daughter is furious with me. What should I do?
I am 47 years old and I’m single. What should I do?


My boyfriend 23M tells me he won’t touch me 23F if I am wearing clothes/makeup he doesn’t like. How do I call him out on this?
My husband (28M) has almost ruined us financially, What do I do? I’m 25F
My boyfriend 36M admitted he thinks my sister 27F is prettier than me 29F. How do I overcome his comment?
My Boyfriend (28M) thinks my (24F) mom is hot and has a crush on her. Should I be worried?
I (23F) did something bad to my boyfriend (27M). How can I change and earn his forgiveness?
How do I (24F) explain to my partner (25M) that I can't just quit my job for a once in a lifetime trip?
I (M23) blocked my girlfriend (F23) without letting her explain and now I feel bad. Advice?


Do you let kids eat before bed if they refuse to eat dinner?
Are there workout videos that integrate children climbing on you?
Does anyone else have a non stop talker?
Does anyone actually enjoy playing with their child/children?
What are the differences between PPD and just life with a baby?
Seeking advice for screaming 6 month old?
Is it normal for school aged kids to favor a parent?


Who feels guilty for taking a sick day?
What would you do if someone new made considerable more money than you?
When do you deem an employee untrainable
Is it weird if a job applicant has someone drive them to an interview and waits in their car for them?
May get fired because I looked at airsoft / guns on my break at work
Corporate work has me burned out - should I take a break?
I'm bored of writing COPY all day,anyone else?


How to ask consent during sexual activities?
Getting poked in my penis by my partner’s IUD?
Is it possible to become more horny when having more sex?
Morning Sex: how to get my boyfriend into it ?
How to have sex with a woman who is taller than you?
How to stop being so horny?
Boyfriend watches porn before having sex with me

LNL 321

Film Flops & YouTube Fame | Cheating Hearts & Parenting Parts

This week we delve into the complexities of life, love, and parenting. We’ll explore the disconnect between film critics and audiences through the lens of “Furiosa’s” box office flop, and discuss the modern career path of content creation on YouTube. In relationships, we tackle the pain of breakups, infidelity, and body image issues, while in parenting, we address the challenges of honesty, setting boundaries, and embracing our children’s unique expressions. Finally, we navigate the intricacies of the workplace, from employee rights to the struggles of leadership.


  • The movie Furiosa just flopped despite rave reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and film critics. Why are film critics/enthusiasts often so out of touch with what general audiences want to see in a film?
  • My son is 25 and has quit his job and is now making a living off of content creation on YouTube. He earns a lot. Would you as a parent be concerned about this seeing he doesn’t have an actual career?


  • My ex has brutally cut me out of his life. Why and what do I do now?
  • I (28M) have chased my fiance (27F) all my life. Became a doctor only because she wanted to marry a doctor. Found her cheating. What am I supposed to do???
  • Husband (35m) thinks I’m (26F) too big. What should I do?
  • My (30M) mom (59F) hates my wife (30F). Is going no contact the only option?
  • I (F33) think my husband (M36) is cheating on me with my brother (M30). How do I bring this up or cope?
  • My girlfriend(28f) said she slept with someone right before we became official, I(28m) lied that I did the same and now she won't talk to me. Help?
  • My (M24) girlfriend (F23) cheated on me during her trip in France. What I can do to make this pain go away?
  • I am getting desperate. I (25M) am not attracted to my GF(26F) of 2 years. How do I break up with her?


  • When are we being honest with our kids if something they make isn’t all that great?
  • Sons with a healthy and close relationship to mom/parents: what do they do right?
  • how do I kindly tell my kid I have zero desire to watch him play video games
  • What would you do if your mom commented about the weight of your 7/8 year old child?
  • Is it fair to limit what your kid gets for their birthday?
  • My four year old son asked for a dress
  • Im terriefied id be a crap father


  • Question about my rights as an employee. Using my full name first and last on my voice mail without my consent.
  • 5 year and 10 year gifts for your service?
  • Struggling as a New Team Lead: Should I Stick It Out, Step Down, or Look for a New Job?
  • What is it like when you have to spend 2 hours each way to go to work in a train?
  • Should I tell my manager I don't plan to go to school?
  • Do you apply for jobs you’re not quite qualified for?
  • Have you ever voluntarily started a job clearly below your formal qualifications?
  • What prevents an employer from simply firing an old worker and replacing him with a younger one in an at-will employment with no legal protections?
  • My boss just loudly reprimanded me in front of my coworkers. How do I finish my day?


  • As a female, what to do with hands when 2 guys are sucking boobs in a threesome?
  • Why did my (20M) GF (now 19F) cry after orgasming?
  • Is see through lingerie better than push-up bra?
  • How do you handle being complete opposites in the bedroom?
  • My (28M) fiancée (30F) watches hardcore p*rn now.
  • Is it ok to not tell my (26F) husband (28F) that I don’t usually orgasm?

LNL 320

Unveiling Life’s Puzzles: Family Ties, Love’s Trials, and Finding Purpose

Tonight we delve into the complexities of life’s responsibilities and the search for meaning. We’ll explore the delicate balance of family obligations, the intricacies of independence, and the profound question of our existence. In relationships, we’ll navigate the waters of self-esteem, privacy, betrayal, and desire. We’ll discuss the challenges of parenting, from dealing with broken promises to setting boundaries in the digital age. And in the workplace, we’ll tackle the nuances of professional boundaries, the ethics of communication, and the personal impact of our jobs. Join us as we offer insights and advice on these pivotal moments that shape our lives and relationships. Tune in for an episode that promises to be as enlightening as it is heartfelt.


  • My mother didn’t care for me and my brothers as children & now she is disabled. Am I wrong for feeling that she’s not my responsibility?

  • I turned 18 and my parents filed me as a dependent on tax forms, but I don't want anything to do with them. Can I file a restraining order still?

  • I am 45 years old. I have no children and have never been married. What is the point to being here?


  • How do I (19F) get over a comment from my boyfriend (18M) about my small chest?
  • My (25f) bf (27m) gets mad when I lock the bathroom door?
  • My boyfriend (26m) burned my (23f) book. What do I do?
  • I (30F) am in a happy, committed relationship with my partner (30M) of three years. How can I get rid of my craving to sleep with new partners?
  • My husband (41m) calls my (30f) cat fat all the time and it hurts me - how do I explain it to him?
  • How should I(24m) feel about my girlfriend(23f) being friends with guys she’s slept with/been involved with?
  • My girlfriend 18f and I 18m caught in the shower, now what?


  • Ex promised Disney and didn't deliver. I did, and it's a problem.
  • How old were your kids the first time you went on a long vacation without them?
  • Am I wrong for wanting my teen to move out after he graduates ?
  • Teacher asked my daughter for her phone number. Did I overreact?
  • How do I explain to my 6 yo that I don't want her on YouTube/tiktok
  • Am I overreacting for not wanting my kids around my parents' dogs?
  • When to tell my son he's having surgery


  • how do i tell my boss that we are NOT friends without hurting his feelings and hurting my job?
  • Have to inform employee her contract isn’t being extended but have to decide between telling her ASAP or waiting a week to tell her in person. Which is more courteous?
  • How do I tell my employer to stop spamming the shit out of everyone whenever he has 1 month of bad sales
  • Did the pandemic change your work personality or drive?
  • I’ve called out sick three times in 7-8 months, am I likely to get in trouble/fired?
  • Have you ever left a job and realized it was affecting your whole psyche?
  • Is work related travel time considered on the clock?


  • I love smoking weed every time before having sex. Anyone else do this?
  • How do people take nudes and not feel shy/embarrassed after? I’m dying here!
  • Kissing after oral??
  • (F) Does my libido go back down after being preg?
  • Depressed; will casual sex make me feel worse ?
  • How did your anatomy, and enjoyment of sex change after having a child?
  • Are vanilla guys unattractive, sexually speaking


What is Love? - Grief, Ethics, and the Bonds That Tie Us | 318

In this heartfelt episode of Late Night Love, we delve into the complex tapestry of human emotions as we ask, “What is Love?” Join us as we navigate through life’s challenges, from the grief of losing a loved one to the intricacies of family dynamics and the ethics of tipping culture. We explore the depths of relationships, questioning the boundaries of forgiveness and the weight of responsibilities in love. In the realm of parenting, we discuss the delicate balance between support and discipline, and in the workplace, we tackle the struggles of professional boundaries and personal commitments. Tune in for an episode that promises to be as thought-provoking as it is touching, reminding us that love, in all its forms, shapes our lives.


  • My son passed away, everyone was there at his funeral, his mom, relatives, and friends, except for me. I avoided it on purpose. Was I wrong that I didn’t go to the funeral?

  • If my mom didn't inform my biological father I existed for 17 years, does he have to pay back child support despite it being her responsibility to tell him I was his son?

  • When I don't get a tip on the signature check, I go back and tell them they have to put a 0 to embarrass them and force them to tip me. Am I in the wrong?

  • Why will no lawyer take my wrongful termination case? I have lots of proof and it is a big corporation.


  • I (21F) am thinking of breaking up with my boyfriend (22M) after meeting his family. I can't tell if i'm being overdramatic?

  • My (30 M) ex (27 F) wants me to raise her kid that she had when she cheated on me, her friends won’t leave me alone, what’s should I do?

  • My wife (35M, 35F) acts like (and tells people) I'm misogynist and lazy, when I am absolutely not those things. What can I do to get her to stop?

  • I (25 F) am really unsure if moving out with my (26 M) boyfriend is the right move because I’m tired of paying for everything. What would you do if you were me?

  • Do I 32F get a divorce? Caught my husband 33M inappropriately texting a client, again

  • I (34M) did a paternity test on my toddler son. Results were…confusing. Should I ask my brother (32M) to also take a paternity test?!

  • I (M20) accidentally punched my gf (F24) during sex. How do I get her to forgive me?


  • Husband won't work while I'm pregnant

  • Parents, how do you takea real vacation without 100 times more stress?

  • What's a "corrective" term that you use in your home, that other parents would find funny?

  • Is my child going to hate me if I don’t pretend to like their septum ring?

  • Help, do I cancel the holiday because of 8year old behaviour??

  • Daughter at college not responding

  • How to deal with kid saying they don’t take baths?


  • My boss keeps bugging me to arrive earlier, but I'm always 3-5 minutes early and always signed in on time to start work (sign in/settling in takes 2 min). What exactly do they want from me? I'm never late.

  • How to gracefully turn down a counter offer while leaving a company?

  • How long to stick it out in a job you don't like to not ruin your resume?

  • My superior is delegating more and more of her tasks to me

  • Hostile and Toxic Employee: should I give up on the company?

  • How to politely tell someone to stop asking you for job recommendations?

  • Starting my first full-time job in September. Am I going to develop a dependence for caffeine?

  • On annual leave- work still want me to come in

  • I have an employee who left work early and was saying he “needed to go home and think about whether he was going to continue working here or not” should I fire him for his lack of commitment?


  • Are there men out there who actually use toys in the bedroom?

  • When should I shoot my shot on a two week trip?

  • How do you come to terms with your nudes being out of your control once you post them?

  • Do I just accept sub par oral sex?

  • How do I focus on just sex?

  • I (29M) inadvertently said the worst thing I could've said to my new girlfriend (25F) during the first time we had sex

Queen Victoria’s Grief to Modern Love Quirks: Unveiling Relationship Dilemmas & Work Woes

This week on “Late Night Love,” we delve into the depths of Queen Victoria’s eternal mourning and explore the complexities of modern relationships.

Join us for an episode that promises to be as enlightening as it is entertaining, filled with heartfelt advice, candid stories, and a touch of humor to lighten the load. Tune in to “Late Night Love,” where we unravel the intricacies of love, life, and everything in between.

Queen Victoria’s Eternal Mourning (May 12, 1861): Queen Victoria’s deep love for her husband, Prince Albert, was evident even after his death. She mourned him intensely, keeping his memory alive by maintaining a room in Windsor Palace as his shrine. Victoria wore black every day until her own passing in 1901, a testament to their enduring love.


My (26F) husband (28M) is frustrated with me because he thinks I'm not feeding our babies adequately because I had to switch to formula. He refuses to help with feeds at night, how can I find a compromise with him?

My (37F) husband (34M) had an explosive argument with my parents (70m and 69f) — where do we go from here?

Am I 30F right to be mad that my 30M bf just showed up and let himself into my apartment, waking me up?

I M22 got a boner while carrying a friend F21 on my back, now its awkward. what can i do about it?

My (30M) Wife (31 F) doesn't appreciate my bees, I'm considering divorce. What should I do?

My (39M) girlfriend (39F) is upset that I ordered my ex flowers for Mother's Day. How do I keep the peace?

My (30M) Girlfriend (28F) Got a Secret Tattoo of Her Ex's Name. I'm Devastated and Don't Know How to Handle This. Should I Confront Her or Stay Quiet?


9yo sneaks into living room to watch tv at night, what do I do?

Why is the older generation determined to prove that somethings wrong with kids of today?

How do people afford multiple children and save for retirement??

Stuck in the loop hey kid don't do it. i said don't do it, I SAID DONT DO IT. GOD DAMN IT

How to teach child not to put finger in doorways?

Are kids still sneaking out of the house in 2024?

White shirt for daughter?


Is it Normal that the Project manager and the technical manager have Zero-knowledge about technology they are implementing in their projects?

How worried should I be? Employer is ending the employee loan fund
What’s a good job for lazy people?

Moving jobs, want to take some files with me

Changing terms of a shift after agreeing

Why would a current manager check out my profile on LinkedIn?

Is 5 days off sick over 16 months too much?

What are the consequences of being too good at your job? Can you get fired for it?


My girlfriends dad walked in on us and things are weird

Boyfriend's preference for big boobs is making it hard for me to feel intimacy during sex. Advice?

My boyfriend wants me to watch him jerk off

What do people do after they finish on a girl?

How do you tell a guy you never orgasmed

My girlfriend has been an absolute freak with everyone she’s dated/slept with except for me

Is there any ‘quiet’ sex positions??

LNL 317

Motherhood in the Spotlight: A Reflection of Society

Join us on “Late Night Love” as we delve into the complex portrayal of mothers in media and literature. This week, we explore how these representations mirror societal values and shape our perceptions of motherhood. From the sacrificial to the career-driven, we discuss the diverse narratives that influence our understanding of what it means to be a mother today.

The portrayal of mothers in media and literature: how it reflects societal values and influences perceptions of motherhood.


My(34F) husband (37M) doesn’t want to have to answer to anyone including me. How do I deal with this?

How would you feel if your boyfriend (M38) of 9 months purchases a home and says it’s for you (F34)?

F23 me and my M27 fiance are at odds because I take my child to the park and have friends for once. How do I handle this situation?

My (30F) and Ex (33M) separated. I had purchased gifts for his family prior to our splitting up, do I still give them to them?

My husband (40M) and I (33F) let our stoner friends (40M and 40F) move in, and we’re at our wits end. Should we save this friendship?

Husband (39M) completely ignored me(36F) and laughed when I tried to talk to him about it. Am I the crazy one?!

My(F20) boyfriend (M27) offered me to live with him rent-free, after dating for 8 months, and I can't make a decision?


My 15-year old daughter wants an iPhone for her 16th birthday. Unfortunately, we can't afford an iPhone, and we tried to explain this to her. However, she is very angry and has stopped speaking to us. What should we do?

Need advice: first grader won't control cafeteria spending

How do I put “please don’t bring siblings” on an invite without sounding rude?

My kids favorite joke is disobedience

How to prepare a 5 year old for school?

Sleep trained 2 year old refuses to sleep anywhere else except her bed

I’m always the mom reaching out for play dates

Have you ever done a chore chart for young kids?


I have an employee who usually reports sick about 2 days per month, but he is a good worker. Should I fire him?

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I put up an 8 foot fence for my backyard. My neighbor flys drones over my backyard and has a camera pointed on top of the house looking over my fence. What do I do? Is this legal?

I live alone in a small 1100 square foot house. After a new home was built next door, I first experienced outages and brown outs. When the problem was corrected, my kWh more than doubled. Am I paying for the house next door?

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